A Charming Doll house creator asks for Minibots to move in.

I had the pleasure of being invited to a home in Cambridge, Ontario where I met Jeanie. An extremely talented lady who builds and restores vintage dollhouses.

Unique Doll House with My Minibots - Robin Davis Studio
With my camera in hand, Jeanie led me downstairs into a room I immediately imagined living in. A room full of enchanting vintage treasures and charming dollhouses. I was transported to my childhood, and the beginning of a life long love of miniatures and dollhouses. 
I started collecting miniatures around age 5 and now 45 years later, I still have a shoebox full of miniatures. Many of the pieces hold precious memories connected to my Dad, who died suddenly when I was 17 years old.
Charming Doll House with my tiny robots - Robin Davis Studio
The centerpiece of Jeanie's magical room was this enormous country styled doll house which she built from scratch. I was blown away by every single magnificent detail. She's a true craftsman...or should I say, craftswoman!
My tiny robots sitting on a doll house porch - Robin Davis Studio
The sweetest and tiniest outstanding details took my breath away. I was ready to pack my sleeping bag and move in.
My Minibots on a vintage doll house porch - Robin Davis Studio
A friend had purchased a few of My Minibots as a gift for Jeanie. This lead to our connection and ultimate invitation for me to bring my camera and see these dollhouses up close. I packed Pocket and Locket (the handmade robots I use in my photography), hoping to snap a couple photos. As you can see, they settled right in.
Pocket my tiny robot perched on a doll house swing - Robin Davis Studio
Jeanie has commissioned me to create a family of Minibots for this beautiful dollhouse. I am truly inspired and delighted to create a tiny robot family that I know will enjoy exploring this new home and probably get into mischief which I'm sure Jeanie can handle.
If you have a vintage dollhouse that you'd like to have restored and you live in Southern Ontario, Canada, you can email Jeanie for information at jeanniejudge@yahoo.ca

I am currently working on a series based on My Minibots. You can catch a rare Minibot in my Etsy shop or see my website for upcoming shows.

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