Friday, May 26, 2017

Show your RUST!

I love RUST by Robin Davis Studio's a word I identify with. Why? Because we are all a little rusty, some more then others. Over time, as life happens in between all our plans, we begin to show our own "patina" in a way that I find so beautiful. We each have history, the markings of a journey through life that continue to show us how we can survive, how the sun will always reach the mud! I am drawn to rust for its "richness & texture" it's story that is trying to be told. Like how a shiny new toy begins to show its history the moment human hands embrace it and eventually rust begins to form. I'm interested in seeing the rust, it's so beautiful & way more interesting then anything perfectly shiny & without flaws! I believe we are meant to show our RUST! 
Love Robin

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Christmas present arrives in May!

Special pkg from Paula Joerling Studio
Today I headed to our mail box, which by the way was a bit over due. I admit I hadn't gone in a few days! Well, to my surprise, there was a little beautifully wrapped box with "Merry Christmas" on it!
Intrigued I was...
Handmade pin by Paula Joerling Studio
I opened it up to find this absolutely gorgeous handmade pin of a Robin with the word "friend"
attached. It was such a wonderful surprise from one of my dearest friends, Paula from

The detail & workmanship in the pin is brilliant! I am "over the moon" excited about this thoughtful gift from my talented BFF!
Robin Bird Pin by Paula Joerling Studio
I will treasure this handmade brooch forever and proudly wear it to showcase what friends are truly all about!
Though miles may lie between Paula and I, I know we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart!
Love you forever my fabulous friend!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Making Robots come to Life with Old World Charm! Robin Davis Studio

Here's a sneak peek inside my studio!
 I love to bring to life a unique collection of whimsical found objects and steampunk styled robots using treasures I've sourced everywhere from metal scrap heaps to antique vintage markets. These “pre-loved” rusty metal materials lend their own special history to my upcycled art, and perfectly capture our modern desire for old-world charm.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Decorative Pillow - Robot Pillow Case - Rustic Throw Pillow - Unique Decor Pillows by Robin Davis Studio

New Arrivals in the SHOP! My Robot Pillow Cases, made from the highest quality upholstery canvas! 
Rustic Decorative Robot Pillow by Robin Davis Studio
22 inch Pillows that will make a true statement in any room!
Art for your couch!

Robot Pillow Case by Robin Davis Studio
I originally created these pillows for our family room, using a photograph I took of my Robot Oil Can Art Sculpture. From there, I used my computer to create a unique rustic pillow design.
Retro Style Pillows by Robin Davis Studio
 I found a wonderful company in Montreal to create this high quality art pillow. The richness of the colors and high quality of it's construction made me want to share this pillow with my fans.
Steampunk Pillows by Robin Davis Studio
See more from my SHOP here!
Keep Smiling!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Minibot Robots with a Retro Style by Robin Davis Studio

After months of designing and planning each little detail, my Minibots are finally here!

3 Limited Edition Handmade Wood Robots are in my SHOP. Each one is made from vintage typeset blocks and come in their own wooden art box, which I designed as their own little home. Standing 3 inches tall, each one is "pose able" and can pivot 360 degrees with movable heads.

These miniature art pieces are perfect for the robot lover, artist gift, graduation present, Father's Day, robotics award winner...and many more. 

Mini Bots by Robin Davis Studio

Steampunk Styled Robots by Robin Davis Studio

Robot Sculptures by Robin Davis Studio

 Follow my Instagram page where I share "the making of process" along with videos.
Assemblage Art Robots by Robin Davis Studio
To see more, drop in my online SHOP and Website here.
Steampunk Art Robots by Robin Davis Studio
These Steampunk Styled Robots are a true labour of love and no detail is overlooked. I hope they make you smile! Cheers Robin

Monday, March 6, 2017

Robot Party Digital Download by Robin Davis Studio

My New Robot Party Printable Puppet is now available in my Etsy Shop!
Robot Printable Puppet by Robin Davis Studio
Robot Birthday Paper Puppet by Robin Davis Studio

You can customize the message within the Retro TV or use one of my messages attached!
See my DIY section of the website!
enjoy Robin

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Leprechaun Clipart for St. Patrick's Day Decoration by Robin Davis Studio

It's that time of year! We are getting close to St. Patrick's Day Celebrations! Here's my adorable Leprechaun Clipart download. Of course I designed him in my favourite Steampunk Style, with rustic elements. He's a fabulous articulated paper puppet DIY project!
Leprechaun Clipart Paper Puppet by Robin Davis Studio
One you've created your very own Leprechaun in his green Leprechaun costume, hang him from the ceiling on string or he makes a great St. Patrick's Day Cake Topper! Have fun and enjoy!
Happy St.Patrick's Day Everyone! Robin

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I'm just a love machine!

Robot Valentine by Robin Davis Studio

Love Machine Song Lyrics!

I'm just a love machine
And I won't work for nobody but you,
I'm just a love machine,
A huggin', kissin' fiend.
I think it's high time you knew,
Whenever I think of you,
My mind blows a fuse.
When I look in your eyes,
My meter starts to rise, and I become confused.
My voltage regulator cools,
When I'm sitting next to you,
Electricity starts to flow,
And my indicator starts to glow, wo
I'm just a love machine
And I won't work for nobody but you,
I'm just a love machine,
A huggin', kissin' fiend.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Spread the LOVE!

Robin Davis Studio

Friday, December 9, 2016

Robot Ornaments on Leather by Robin Davis Studio

Robot Ornaments on Leather by Robin Davis Studio
Just finished making a few more Robot Ornaments, Pins and Necklaces for the show tomorrow!
Next week I'll add more Robot Ornaments to my Etsy Shop!
Cheers Robin

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Robots by Robin Davis Studio at The Burlington Art Gallery December 10th

Robots by Robin Davis Studio

Found Object Robots by Robin Davis Studio

The past few days I've been busy in the studio creating a "robot photo shoot".  It has been a total blast setting up these shots and grouping my "old world bots" as if they were a real family. I really pride myself in making sure they have "real personality" and look like they are really SMILING at you! These robots are so much fun to create. Half the fun is collecting all the vintage elements I need for each piece to come alive!
Inspired by my son when he was 3 years old, these robots are a True Labour of Love!

Dec 10th, I'll be at The Burlington Art Gallery for my last show of the year hosted by

After that, a select few pieces will be in my Etsy online SHOP.
Happy Holidays Everyone!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I am Proud to be called an ARTIST by Robin Davis Studio

I am proud to be called an ARTIST by Robin Davis Studio

In this creative journey I've been on for many, many years, I've come to learn that making a decision based on money will never work out for me! It really is a hard lesson to learn and even harder to change your thought patterns to conquer this way of thinking. But, many of us were raised this way. Our choices were made based on the financial side of things. Of course, we have to pay the bills and put a roof over our heads but why can't it be doing the things you love! I believe it can!
Any creative project I've taken over the years that didn't feel right to me, never worked out and certainly didn't pay the bills like I thought it would. Obviously, I gave the art the wrong energy from the beginning. I had already put it out into the universe that this wasn't really what I wanted to create and boy did the universe show me I was right!
I should have listened to my gut!

A year ago I took a huge LEAP of FAITH and stopped everything I was doing to start creating the ART pieces I had, had in my head for years! Robots and Characters that were made from old world objects. Vintage, Rusty metals would jump out at me and immediately I would see faces of characters I wanted to make!
Do I know where these creations are going to take me? No, not really, but I do know that "SOMETHING WONDERFUL is about TO HAPPEN" and this is my mantra that I recite every single day when doubt and fear flood in. I stop and say it out loud and when things seem to be going in the wrong direction....I don't get discouraged...I GET SMARTER! I think of different ways to create the ART I love and provide my family with the LIFE we want to LIVE!


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Found Object Robots by Robin Davis Studio - December 10th - Art Gallery of Burlington

Assemblage Robots by Robin Davis Studio
I'm in the studio preparing for my last show of the year. 

Found Object Robots by Robin Davis Studio
 December 10th - 11am to 5pm
Found Object Robots by Robin Davis Studio
 Held at the beautiful Art Gallery of Burlington, Ont Canada

© Robin Davis Studio 2016. The artwork and illustrations may not be copied or otherwise reproduced without the expressed written permission of Robin Davis Studio, Inc. Thank you

Friday, November 4, 2016

Steampunk Assemblage Art Pieces by Robin Davis Studio

Assemblage Art Pieces by Robin Davis Studio

Steampunk Snowmen by Robin Davis Studio
The studio is buzzing with excitement in preparations for 3 upcoming Holiday Shows.
November 19th - Makeology Holiday Show
December 10th - Merry Market Pop Up Show - Burlington Art Gallery
Please drop by and say "hello"

Friday, October 28, 2016

It's The Great Pumpkin in Robot Town by Robin Davis Studio

Robots by Robin Davis Studio
This morning after I dropped my son off at school and grabbed a coffee, I heard on the radio that "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" was on the TV tonight! Just hearing the radio announcers talking about the show immediately put a fun image in my head with my robots. So as soon as I got home, I started planning a little photo shoot in the studio. About 50 photos later, ta daaaa, this photo ended up being my favorite! 
Clamp, Ace, Spike and Tread all decided to jump on the Pumpkin Truck and head out for an adventure!
Happy Halloween Everyone!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Robots and Steampunk Birds on Etsy

Robots and Assemblage Birds by Robin Davis Studio

Tonight I added a small selection of originals from my show pieces to my ETSY SHOP! If you are looking for a unique gift for that someone special, please take a look at the "one of a kind" pieces I have available!

These art pieces are truly my passion and I love every minute in the studio creating them!
All the best, Robin

Monday, October 17, 2016

Online Gallery Sale by Robin Davis Studio - October 18th - 7:30pm Eastern Time

Hello! I'm thrilled to hold my Online Gallery Sale tomorrow night. October 18th at 7:30pm (Eastern Time)
For the first time, I will sell a select few originals from my show pieces. 
Each one is "One of a Kind" and made from vintage, rustic elements I have collected over the years.
Every piece is named, numbered and signed by me!
Below is a sampling of the items that will be displayed in the SHOP tomorrow.
Bird Cage Art Piece - Sky by Robin Davis Studio
This piece I named SKY. I carved the tiny bird with clay, then added vintage leather wings and created a metal top hat. Sky is perched on a vintage clock gear within her wire cage. I made the base using a rustic metal bit and washer.
Steampunk Bird by Robin Davis Studio
 I just LOVE Fritz! He is a wall hanger and stands 12 inches tall. I created him using a vintage car gauge as his head, then built a wooden framed body and embellished it with retro papers and technical drawings. Old castor wheels are some of my favourite things to use for robot feet.
Robot Fritz Art Piece by Robin Davis Studio
Using a collection of retro typeset blocks and vintage wooden play blocks, I love to create my small robot sitters. Each one comes with a piece of wood for display. The most important part for me is always the face! I use rusty bolts, washers & a variety of chains to make their faces come to life!

Robot Art Pieces by Robin Davis Studio

Robot and Bird Art Pieces by Robin Davis Studio
Stop by my online SHOP tomorrow night to view the remaining One of a Kind pieces for purchase.

Steampunk Birds and Robots by Robin Davis Studio
 Each art piece comes with a studio label, numbered, named and signed. I will carefully pack and ship  within Canada and the USA. 

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Please send me a message.
All the best, Robin

Friday, September 30, 2016

The Making of Jordan's Memorial Box - Robin Davis Studio

Memorial Box Art Piece by Robin Davis Studio
 In February I received an email with the subject "Urn for my son's remains". I opened that email which was from a lovely lady named Melody who had lost her son on January 1st, 2016. Her son Jordan was only 26 years old. Melody had included in her email a beautiful photo of Jordan playing his Mandolin.
Memorial Box Art Piece by Robin Davis Studio
 She wrote ; "My son, Jordan was a street artist, musician and a traveler who traveled the United States by hoping on trains and sharing rides with other travelers. He lived a very free spirited life. He took his own life on January 1st and I need to bring him home. I would like to talk to you about creating an urn for my son."
                           Jordan's Memorial Box - Robin Davis Studio
 Melody had found the image of the Memorial Box I created for my girlfriend's dog Brody, which I wrote about here on my blog.
 I called Phoenix Arizona, where Melody and her family live.
We spoke on the phone for at least 2 hours. With pen and paper in hand, I wrote down everything she shared with me about Jordan and the incredible life he lived!
When we hung up, I shared Jordan's story with my husband and son. Crying while trying to get the words out. They both looked at me and said "you have to make this piece for them."
Jordan's Memorial Box - Robin Davis Studio
So the journey began. I immediately knew the metal container to use, which was a vintage lunch box I had in my studio. I'm always on the look out for metal pieces I can rust and create art with. 
Part of the story Melody shared with me was about Jordan's dog Bronson, which they are now taking care of and treasure him dearly. Jordan loved Bronson and took him on his travels. So one day, when the time comes and Bronson leaves this earth, his ashes will be with Jordan's. This is why I knew the lunch box was the perfect place to start.
My son and I made the following video journal to share the making of Jordan's Memorial Box. You can watch it below! Watch it in full screen if you can, so you can see all the details.
For reasons beyond our comprehension, suicide is sometimes a choice young people make. The loved ones left behind then struggle with the excruciating loss and daily pain of asking why? During the creation of the memorial box, I was constantly trying to put myself in Jordan's family's shoes. What were they going through. What would we do if anything ever happened to my son, who is now 16. How do you move forward with such a painful loss. At times, this thought process completely engulfed me. I would burst into tears on many occasions trying to reconcile how people move beyond such tragedy.

I have experienced what a tragedy is like, with the sudden death of my Dad when I was 17 years old,  I quickly realized through compassion and understanding of this pain, comes hope and faith. 
Dwelling on the "why" doesn't heal. Focusing on the time you shared with the loved one while they were on this earth begins the healing process. Talk about loved ones you've lost. Share the wonderful and funny stories. Keep his memory alive by honouring the life he lived...and boy, did Jordan LIVE! He did what he wanted, he explored the country and hung out with friends that became his travelling family! Jordan lived larger in his 26 short years than some will live in 80!
That's what we must remember, Jordan is showing us all to LIVE each day the way your heart guides you!

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide or know someone that is. There are many support systems out there. Here are a few websites with information.